the project

SINCRONY is a project dedicated to empowering all youth, especially those belonging to minoritized groups. We aim to find new ways to shift power, and ensure that it is shared more equally across the younger generation. We will do this by gaining a better understanding of participatory and deliberative processes.


Youth engagement

The primary focus of this project is the main protagonist – youth. To gain insights into young people’s thoughts, gather their feedback, and address their concerns.

Intersectional approach

For everyone. Bringing together all identities: gender, race, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, disability, and more.

New political practices

The creation of new models is designed to foster the participation and deliberation of all youth, with a particular focus on those at risk of exclusion. These models will be implemented by policymakers, youth workers, and the educational system.


To develop political deliberative and participatory processes, instruments, and solutions for policymakers, public servants, researchers, teachers, and youth workers to revitalize and enhance public governance and educational settings.


An intersectional and multidisciplinary approach encompassing various disciplines within the fields of Social Sciences and Humanities. Psychology, Education, Sociology, Political Science along with the collaboration of European associations for Democracy.

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