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Throughout Europe, we are witnessing how younger generations are often disregarded as active political decision makers on relevant issues, such as climate change and financial crises that strike globally and affect them above all. This project aims to support youth, especially those belonging to minoritized groups, in reclaiming the necessary power to inform the European political institutions. groups, in reclaiming the necessary power to inform the European political institutions.

Our pillars

Thoroughly identifying and targeting the factors and processes contributing to the perpetuation of political inequalities and systematic exclusion that limit the participation and deliberation of youth in the political landscape.

Youth engagement

As the protagonists of this project, youth play a central role in it. We will develop activities to obtain valuable insights, and involving local, national, and EU-level stakeholders, including policymakers, public servants, researchers, teachers, youth workers, and European political associations


An interdisciplinary team with extensive expertise in the fields of Social Sciences and Humanities. Psychology, Education, Sociology and Political Science, working together towards a common goal.

Open Science

Our commitment is to deliver new processes that are accessible to everyone and can be replicated. To the extent that contextual factors are considered and embedded. The findings will be published and made accessible for capitalization in further research and social actions.


The interSectIonal iNClusion in delibeRation and participatiON with Youth (SINCRONY) is funded by the European Union through the European Commission’s Horizon Europe Research and Innovation Programme.

Facts in brief

Funding organisations

European Union


Jan. 2024 – June. 2027

Funding amount

2.450.313,75 €


Alma Mater Studiorum Università di Bologna

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